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Okay, I watched Attack on Titan season 1 all the way through. I’m not 100% certain why people under 25 find this the greatest thing ever, but I have some guesses. The writers took almost all of the themes from NGE and used them to tell their story, so NO NEW concepts AT ALL. They do put them together more soundly then the writers of NGE did, but they also have A LOT of self-doubting internal dialog in every-episode. Also, there is the Gendo-Shinji dynamic here as well. It isn’t the best anime ever — Eren is a two-dimensional character that grows very little. You’re better off watching NGE if you want teenage angst and leave AoT for the “oooo, giants fighting humans” folks. It wasn’t terrible and I’ll probably watch season 2…but overall — OVERRATED. The animated action sequences are good but still not the best I’ve seen. They stood on the shoulders of folks that did it better and marketed it to the under 25 crowd as their own ideas and got away with it. Anyone who LOVED it — watch it again in 10 yrs and you’ll see all the flaws, trust me.

Yeah, there are strong female characters, but they are shuffled to the side. If you want strong female leads — again, watch NGE. Plus, AoT is too long a series that should have been told in 30 episodes and a movie. 

And ENOUGH of the 2.18 intro to each episode. Wow, people must have really short attention spans. Sorry, don’t mean to offend HUGE fans, but you’ll get over it after 10 yrs, trust me on this. ;)



BBC AMERICA presents Doctor Who U.S. Premiere Fan Screening Event.

More information about the event and tickets will be posted on Monday, August 11. Tickets will go live at on Monday, August 11 at 12:00PM ET. No information will be available on before then.

BBC America presents the U.S. Premiere Fan Screening Event with special guests Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Thursday, August 14th @ 7:30 PM ET 

Tickets on sale Monday, August 11th @ 12:00PM ET for $12* on

Venue to be announced. 

*Ticket surcharge applies. ticket page will not be live until Monday, August 11 @ 12:00 PM ET. Event is general admission with a ticket on a first come, first served basis. 


More info on the Doctor Who: The World Tour:

In case you missed it!

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